Monday, September 3, 2012


Do u know Mahindra share trading at Rs.78 in 2002 October 25...................

If you buy for Rs.100000 will get 1282 shares(1282*78)

In September 2005 company gave bonus share at 2:3
which means you will get 2 shares free for every 3 shares held....So 1282*2/3=854 free shares........
So in total you will have 2136 shares(854+1282)

In 2010 march face value split from Rs.10 to Rs.5 which means you will get same shares as free
                         So 2136*2=4272 shares

Now mahindra share is quoting at Rs.760 which means 

In 2010 January 12 mahindra was trading at Rs.1199 which means nothing but
       SO ONE LAKH TURNED TO FIFTY ONE   LAKH                         

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