Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello followers,
I am happy to share my joy of rising the share price of Den network and Hathway cables.I have accumulated den at 50 rate for my clients and now rate is about 83 which is exactly 665 returns in single month.Also accumulated Hathway cables at 110 range now it is trading at 140 levels which means 28% retuns.


A committee on rail modernisation chaired by advisor to the Prime Minister, Sam Pitroda has given the recommendation of linking all Railway fares to inflation and go for one time hike of 25 percent.

As per the reports of a news paper, the move aims to breathe a new leash life to the ailing Indian Railways and raise around Rs 60,000 crore by next year.

Meeting ahead of the crucial Railway Budget of 2012-13, the committee has recommended that the raised fund of Rs 60,000 crore could be used to part-fund a modernisation programme of Rs 9,13000 crore spreading over next 5 years .

In its presentation to the Planning Commission, the Pitroda chaired panel has mentioned that a 25 percent hike in the passenger fares can fetch around Rs 37,500 crore.

Meanwhile, linking all kind of Railway fares including the freight charges to that of the inflation can fetch Rs 25,000 crore.
So I expect railways can give more order for these companies.So i initiate a buy on kalindee,kernex,timken and beml for short term period


IVRCL Ltd today announced on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) that it had received an order worth Rs 701.49 crore in the southern parts of India.

According to the release, the orders bagged are in the water irrigation division which is worth Rs 595.45 crore awarded by the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board and from a Karnataka government undertaking to an IVRCL joint venture.

Another order has been received from the Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd in the same division.

IVRCL also received orders from the buildings division worth Rs 106.04 crore from National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd and Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Ltd, Mumbai for a project in Karnataka. It also received an order in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Water Policy draft favours privatisation of services

The Union government has begun consultations on a new National Water Policy that calls for privatisation of water-delivery services and suggests that water be priced so as to “fully recover” the costs of operation and administration of water-resources projects, documents available with The Hindu show.

Recently circulated to water experts for consultations, the 15-page draft National Water Policy suggests that the government withdraw from its role as a service provider in the water sector. Instead, it says, communities and the private sector should be encouraged to play this role. The proposals could mean sharp rises in the cost of water for both rural and urban users — an outcome the policy suggests will help curtail misuse of a precious but scarce resource.

The draft policy calls for the abolition of all forms of water subsidies to the agricultural and domestic sectors, but says “subsidies and incentives” should be provided to private industry for recycling and reusing treated effluents. It also proposes that subsidy to agricultural electricity users be curtailed, saying it leads to a “wasteful use of both electricity and water.”

Similar World Bank proposals

In 2005, a World Bank paper made similar recommendations, arguing that “if India is to have sustainable economic growth, the role of the Indian water state must change from that of builder and controller to creator of an enabling environment, and facilitator of the actions of water users large and small.” The paper called for, among other things, “stimulating competition in and for the market for irrigation and water and sanitation services”.

The draft policy calls upon the government to ensure access to a minimum quantity of potable water for essential health and hygiene to all citizens, available within easy reach of the household. Significantly though, it does not suggest that these be turned into enforceable rights through new laws.

For expeditious resolution of inter-State disputes, the draft policy suggests the establishment of a permanent tribunal at the Centre.

In a major departure from the past, the policy also suggests that people displaced by large water projects should be made partners in progress and given a share in the benefits comparable to the project-benefited families. In fact, the policy suggests that the cost of rehabilitation and compensation to the project affected families be “partly” borne by the project-benefited families through “adequate pricing of water.”

So I recommend buy call on JAIN IRRIGATION at 100 rate and ILFS ENGG at 70 rate and IVRCL infra at 44 range